We love the haptic feeling of




Let the nostalgic and beautiful feeling of Terrazzo elevate the ambience of your space to the next level.

From table top to architectural surfaces, Terrazzo will be the ideal material to add texture and ambience to your spaces. We also specialize in making bespoke pieces for FnB and Hospitality projects. If you have special requirements for objects or in need of a feature piece, Terrazzo will be the perfect choice.


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Come on down to our showroom to learn more about terrazzo



My kitchen countertop is made of terrazzo, it’s so nostalgic, I love it!
— Residential Project Owner
Classy and comtemporary, the terrazzo bar top really fits the theme of my restaurant.
— FnB Owner
It a trend now, Terrazzo is making a comeback.
— FnB Interior Designer
The younger crowd now yearns for a photo-taking opportunity, and the terrazzo surface serves as a perfect backdrop for instagram-able images.
— Business Owner


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Find inspiration for your next project.


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Swatches Gallery

Pick and choose your perfect terrazzo pattern. We can customize the base color and pebbles to fit your design and aesthetical requirements.


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